Eske Willerslev is a world famous DNA scientist, professor and Director of University of Copenhagen’s Centre of Excellence GeoGenetics. He is a member of The Adventurers’ Club and has led expeditions to amongst others Siberia and Greenland as well as lived as both a fur trapper and a native indian. He has held a number of prestigious professorships and been awarded numerous awards, including the Rosenkjær Award and the Genius Award from Danish Science Journalists for “an impressive array of research successes in the public eye, combined with a unique tour-de-force through university”. His is one of the few scientists that has succeeded in approaching and being accepted by several of the World’s indigenous peoples, which even led to the adoption into the Native American Crow-tribe under the indian name of “Well-Known Wolf“.


His research spans wide and encompasses multiple disciplines  (as does the Centre of Excellence GeoGenetics), which is necessary to uncover the complex area that is the origin of man and its history including the migrations of our ancestors. If one had to highlight some of Eske Willerslev’s numerous scientific achievements, the foundation of Ice Core Genetics and the ground breaking discovery of deep DNA drilling has to be mentioned as discoveries that shook the scientific community and changed the way research is conducted.


Eske Willerslev is regularly used in media across the world when expert knowledge is required regarding human evolution, human migration and science’s role in society. Together with his colleagues at Center for GeoGenetics he has appeared in movies such as “First Peoples”, “The Great Human Odyssey”, “Code Breakers”, “Search for the Head of John the Baptist, and “How to Build an Ancient man” aired on National Geographic and networks. He has also been portrayed in several large publications such as New York Times: Eske Willerslev Is Rewriting History With DNA. He is an extremely popular and coveted keynote speaker (booking through StrongMind Foredrag), who is renowned for conveying complex science in an accessible and entertaining fashion and undeniably one of Denmark’s biggest keynote speakers.