From Fur Trapper to Professor – a personal journey through the DNA mysteries of the past (Danish)

As a small boy Eske Willerslev dreamt of being a Native American and ever since he has persistantly pursued and embraced adventure. This has led to him living as a Fur Trapper in Siberia and when he became a scientist he continued this path by living under the Greenlandic ice sheet, sailing the Russian rivers, and roaming the American Prairie. Combined with his lab Eske Willerslev’s domain is the world that surround us as he continues to deliver breakthroughs in DNA-science and shed new light on the history of our flora, fauna, and mankind through discoveries from excavations, ice cores and caves.


The results of his research has been published in leading journals all over the World. The books presents these discoveries in a remarkably unscientific and accessible way – along with tales and stories of the fantastic people, scientific dilemmas, and not least the dangerous experiences that came along with them.

The History of Everything – tales of magic and science (Danish)

The books is a result of a collaboration with artist Kristian Leth and their conversations taking place over the course of the last four years. They have spoken about everything from genes and human history to spirits, myths, and magic. Their talks about indigenous people have led them to visit Australia together as well. Eske Willerslev doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but openly shares all the he doesn’t know including several unexplainable experiences.


From these both entertaining and deep conversations seven stories of magic and science has been written in which both the writer and the scientist shows that life isn’t all black and white.


“The History of Everything” is a polemic for openness and an inclusive world view which encompasses both science and magic – to seemingly opposite methods.

Eske Willerslev – he makes the dead alive (Danish)

Professor Eske Willerslev is a world famous scientist driven by the need to be first and win. Science journalist Kristoffer Frøkjær travels with him to the croft of his childhood in Sweden to relive the past. It is the story of the boy who wants to make his tough father proud and the petty criminal teen who ended up being a professor by always going against the tide – and also the hardships he had to suffer to reach his goal.


As a scientist of evolution Eske Willerslev continously hunts for the truth about our past. This has led to him being adopted into a Native American tribe under the name Well-Known Wolf, having a close brush with death as a fur trappen in Siberia, and examining a presumed alien for genes.