Well-Known Wolf

Eske Willerslev is one of the few who can boast of having a Native American name. He has been accepted into the Montana based Apsaalooke Crow tribe with the official name of ChiitdeeXia’ssee, which can be translated into WellKnown Wolf eor Well-known Scout.


The initiation into the tribe, which one is officially adopted into, was the culmination of a long research process where Eske Willerslev would have to convince the sceptical Native Americans to undergo DNA testing, where he amongst others would have to gain the approval of the Legendary Chief Sitting Bull’s spirit.


Following this Eske embraced the Native American views and backed their claims in reburying a 12.600 year-old skeleton, which he determined was the forefather of 80% of all Native Americans. This created quite an upset within the scientific community, as they wanted the skeleton extradited for research.


On the occassion of Eske Willerslev being given his Native American name Danish newspaper Berlingske did a cover on the story behind both the research and the meaning of his name: For Crow-indianerne er han “Well-Known Wolf”. Berlingske also did a story about how he experienced being approved by the spirit of Sitting Bull: Den troende professor. Both are in Danish but fairly understandable using Google Translate.